Sitemap - 2009 -

WGA Strike Photos Wanted

Closing Windows?

Little-Noticed Music Deal

No More Sounds of Silence on the Music Composition Front?

Book review: "Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars" by William Patry

SAG Interim Nat'l Exec Director Hired as Permanent

Rosenberg v. SAG: Court of Appeal Implies Appeal May be Moot

Handel appointed Adjunct Professor at UCLA School of Law to teach entertainment unions & guilds course

SAG: Four Hardline Horsemen in the National Board Room

SAG Moderates Win Presidency, Secr. + Additional 4 Natl Seats

SAG Presidential Election Close

SAG Moderates Win NY & Everywhere Else

SAG Presidential Candidate: I'll Seek Strike Authorization Next Year if Elected

AMJ: If I’m Elected, David White is Out

I'm still here

Fixing the Residuals System

Rosenberg v. SAG Lawsuit Reply Brief Filed

“Octomom the Musical” Opens in LA to Sellout Crowds

Culture Clash on the Internet

SAG President’s Anti-SAG Suit Continues

Film on the Downswing

WGA Candidates for President and Board Announced

LA Goatherd Wanted

WGA Institutes Qualified Voting

Independent New Media Productions

SAG Lawsuit Still Grinds On; Court Denies SAG’s Motion to Dismiss Appeal

Union-Focused Journalist Departs to Academia

SAG Resolution Resolves Little for Film Business

Trademark Protection and Facebook User Names

SAG TV/Theatrical Contract Ratified Overwhelmingly, 78%-22%

TV Series Pickups Favor AFTRA 5 to 1

More Bull in China’s Shop

Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown: Why Content’s Kingdom is Slipping Away

JLH on UCLA Panel re Labor

SAGWatch: SAG at a Crossroads

Three Membership First Candidates Elected to AFTRA Boards

Interview with Anne-Marie Johnson

Report on SAG NY Town Hall Meeting

Kathy Joosten Responds to Martin Sheen

SAG Files Motion to Dismiss Rosenberg Appeal

SAG-AFTRA Ratify Advertising Agreement; SAG Townhall Features Fireworks

SAG Executive Director: TV/Theatrical Deal Will Pass

SAG’s Strange Voyage

SAG Hardliners' Picnic No Walk in the Park

SAG Letter re Force Majeure Claims

Massive EU Antitrust Fine Levied Against Intel

SAG Hardliners: The Trojan Horsemen of the Apocalypse

SAG Sets Informational Meetings re TV/theatrical Agreement

Barbara A. Ringer, author of 1976 Copyright Act, 1925-2009

SAG TV/Theatrical Ballots Later Than Expected; SAG Litigation Continues; and More

SAG Cutting Staff by 8%

SAG Board Approves Studio Deal

SAG & Studios Agree to Tentative Deal

SAG Stalemate Update

SAG and the Studios: The Next Roadblocks

SAG-AFTRA Ad Deal Done

SAG-AFTRA Commercials Update

Hollywood Crew Deal Ratified

Auld Lang SAG

Actors Commercials Negotiations Deteriorate

Pilot Season 94% AFTRA

KCRW Interview re SAG

Hollywood Labor Roundup

Leno’s All Charged Up

Video of public panel discussion re Hollywood Labor


Public panel discussion re Hollywood Labor

What Does the Internet Mean for the Movie Business?

SAG Rejects Studio Offer; Back to Stalemate

What Can SAG Do Next?

Is SAG Becoming Irrelevant?

SAG-AMPTP Negotiations to Continue for Third Day

SAG President’s Appeal Denied

SAG-AMPTP Negotiations Still on Despite Lawyers’ Threat

SAG & AMPTP Confirm Meetings for Next Tues-Weds

Pro-Deal Rally at SAG

SAG Board Re-Do Successful

SAG Commercials Negotiations Process Advances

WGA Awards Fete Slumdog, Milk, Mad Men, 30 Rock

Rally Scheduled to Urge SAG Deal

Rosenberg v. SAG documents posted

Judge Denies SAG President Injunction Against SAG; President to Appeal

Lawsuit Blocks SAG Negotiations

SAG-Studio Pregame Report

Hollywood Labor’s Long-Term Future: More Unrest

Screen Actors Guild President Calls Actors “Frightened Little Children”

SAG-AMPTP Meeting Tentatively Planned for Early Next Week

SAG Email Imbroglio

SAG – Msg from New National Executive Director

SAG No News Press Release

SAG National Executive Director Firing – How it Went Down

SAG Moderates File Document to Fire National Executive Director

SAG Awards: Impressions from the Red Carpet

Inside the SAG Boardroom

SAG Awardsgate: Frances Fisher Makes Amends

SAG - Hardliners Successful

SAG Board Meeting Grinds On Into the Night

SAG Board Meeting Starts

SAG A-List Blacklist

SAG Contract Graveyard

SAG: What Might Happen at Next Week's Board Meeting

SAG: No Good Reason to Strike