A3 Artists Agency has sent letters of purchase inquiry to several peers — and says it's in talks with one — while multiple rivals tout themselves as full-service alternatives to the Big 3.
As the WGA consults its angry members on big demands ahead of negotiations, here are the likely theaters of war—and what could drive a walkout.
A recent DGA statement and Bob Iger’s return to Disney may reduce the possibility of a walkout. Here's why.
The post-Covid move toward “self tapes” has spawned an arms race among actors to create featurette-style videos, and an entire pay-to-play cottage…
Once again, Donald's loose lips betray him in a meetup with Billy Bush — and Merrick Garland?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie battle over their French winery
New WIOpro Software Tracks Program Usage for Reconciliation with Payments Received
Is Alice in Wonderland a capitalist critique? Check out our original song and music video and see for yourself.
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