Sitemap - 2010 -

WGA Sends Out 'Pattern of Demands' Seeking Major Contract Improvements

Comcast Writers Overwhelmingly Vote for WGA in Unofficial Secret Ballot

SAG Manager Investigated for Embezzlement of Unclaimed Residuals

DGA Board Approves Tentative Deal

NBC Universal Writers Pen Letter of Support for Comcast Writers

DGA and Studios Reach Tentative Deal

DGA Negotiations Go Into Overtime, Then Pause

SAG-AFTRA Joint Board Approves Studio Deal

People on the Move: SAG Lawyer Joining Fox

AFTRA Investigation Finds No Misconduct by Board Member Over SAGWatch Site

DGA Talks Continue for Third Week

'Biggest Loser' Crew Reaches New Deal, Ends Strike

DGA Talks Continue

WGA in Organizing Struggle with Comcast

California Labor Federation Endorses 'Biggest Loser' Strike

'Loser' Labor Standoff

DGA-AMPTP Talks Start

LA AFL-CIO Pledges to Send Picketers to ‘Biggest Loser’

LA County AFL-CIO Council Targets 'Biggest Loser'

100 IATSE Picketers March at ‘Biggest Loser’ Monday

Same Picture Post-Election at the Animation Guild

AFTRA Endorses IATSE 'Biggest Loser' Organizing Campaign

SAG/AFTRA Negotiations Almost Unraveled at 'Perilous Moments'

SAG/AFTRA and DGA Schedule Details Emerge

SAG/AFTRA Merger Details Hinted

Picketers to Face Replacement Workers at 'Biggest Loser' on Monday

SAG, Studios Reach Agreement on Basic Cable and Animation

EXCLUSIVE: Union Starts Picketing 'Biggest Loser'

SAG, AFTRA Give Up First-Class Travel

Analysis: How the Guilds Lost the 'Hobbit' War

WGA, IATSE Weigh in on SAG/AFTRA Deal

Actors' Unions Reach Deal With AMPTP

SAG/AFTRA Deadline Passes Without Deal With AMPTP

NZ Government Changes Labor Law at Warner Bros. Prompting

Hobbit stays in NZ

Hobbitry; and the WGA sends out a negotiations bulletin

SAG Negotiated with WB to Lift 'Hobbit' Boycott

SAG, AFTRA Meet About Merger

New Zealand to 'Fight Like Hell' for 'The Hobbit'

JLH on NZ radio re Hobbit

'Hobbit' Union Boycott Lifted; Jackson Claims Production Leaving New Zealand

SAG Elects Ned Vaughn 1st National VP

Peter Jackson: 'Hobbit' decision in "week or two"

New Zealand actors split on 'Hobbit' stance

AFTRA board member accused of running SAGWatch

Australian official calls for end to 'Hobbit' spat

N.Z. government moves to keep Hobbit production in-country

N.Z. government offers to mediate 'Hobbit' spat

AFTRA employees sign new pact

Tips Welcome

JLH to Cover Labor for THR

SAG, AFTRA start talks with studios

Basic Cable Clarification & Details

Hollywood Labor: The Tyranny of Time

The Anti-SAG Lawsuit That Won't Quite Die

SAG Feels its Own Labor Pains

Ratification of Teamsters / Basic Crafts Contract Complete

Rosenberg v. SAG Lawsuit Dismissed

IATSE and Teamsters Reach Mutual Assistance Pact

SAG National Board Candidates Announced

Prop 8 Overturned - Retrievable Copy of Decision

Breakthrough in Teamsters talks; deal ratified

Teamsters Ratify Contract; Strike Averted

Teamsters, studios fail to break stalemate

Transportation strike could paralyze Hollywood

Musicians Play a New (Media) Tune

Silly Lawsuit Against SAG Dismissed; and More

JLH on

DGA to Negotiate on SAG & AFTRA's Heels

Century City Bar Entertainment Symposium

Survey in Progress re WGA Strike

A “New” Entertainment Union - And a Possible Name

Residuals Chart Available

SAG Approves Joint Bargaining with AFTRA

AFTRA Board Approves Joint Bargaining With SAG

Pilots Overwhelmingly AFTRA Again

SAG Moves towards Joint Bargaining with AFTRA

SAG-AFTRA Joint Bargaining: AFTRA Hesitates, Slightly; and More

Mitigation ‘Round About Midnight?

Baby You Can Drive My Car: Hollywood Health Plans May Have to Pay “Cadillac Plan” Tax

Hollywood Labor: SAG Source Says a Strike Unlikely, Joint SAG-AFTRA Bargaining Likely; and the Year Ahead

Video Business Shuts Down

Cat Fight in the Fox’s Den