In the Dictionary! (Again)

When the Merriam-Webster bot went looking for an expert on residuals, who did it find?

There’s really no way to turn the spotlight on oneself except immodestly. So here goes. I’m in the dictionary! (And it’s not the first time.) Check out the two usage examples for residuals in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and below:

Eagle-eyed readers will note an inaccuracy and other deficiencies in the M-W definition. I’ve written to the lexicographers proposing that they revise it to “a union-negotiated payment (as to an actor, writer, director or musician) for reuse or reruns after initial exhibition (as of a movie, TV show or commercial).” We’ll see what happens.

As a reminder, you can find my residuals page at An updated residuals chart for 2020 will be coming soon and, eventually, an updated version of my book Entertainment Residuals: A Full Color Guide.

BTW, this isn’t my first time at the M-W rodeo. There's also this, from last year:

Spotlight off :)